Purchasing flowers en masse and making the flower arrangements yourself is a great option for cost-conscious wedding couples or if you’re hosting a large event on a budget. If you are open to using in-season flowers, have the time, a few extra helping hands, and some know-how, putting flowers together for your wedding or event can be a fun and memorable experience. You’ll also have the added benefit of feeling good about buying local and sustainably grown flowers.  

All of our flowers are grown without harmful pesticides and are free of chemical residues. They are safe to handle, grown in the Chicagoland area, and they are carefully selected and harvested on the farm just for you on the day your order is delivered.

While we try our best to accommodate requests, we harvest only the most beautiful and freshest blooms available in the field and our DIY containers are considered "grower's choice."

Please feel free to check our seasonal availability calendar for an idea of what flowers may be available at harvest time for your order.  


FARM FRESH $65/Container

A mix of in-season, super fresh, and naturally grown flowers and greenery. This is an ideal option for a naturalistic wild flower look or farm-to-table style arrangements and can be a less expensive alternative to buying pre-made bouquets. Arrangements and bouquets made in this style are typically easier to put together and are a fuss-free, budget-friendly approach to naturally beautiful event flowers. 

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GARDENISTA $90/Container

With your color palette in mind, we select a mix of in-season and tenderly grown heirloom flowers, classic filler flowers, lush greenery, and refined foliage especially for you. This mix has an elegant and timeless garden flower feel to it with coordinating colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. The flowers are cleaned and prepped for arranging, bunched, and carefully wrapped by variety to make getting started a piece of cake.

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FLEUR COUTURE $135/Container

A premium mix of couture flowers in your color palette. These containers are bursting with in-season, premium couture focal flowers, sophisticated filler flowers, lush greenery, refined foliage, and other exquisite botanical elements that will make your event flowers swoon-worthy. Premium flowers could include flowers such as peonies, anemones, large dahlias, or hydrangeas. While we cannot guarantee specific flowers, we will make every effort to fulfill your requests. Please check our seasonal availability calendar to view what flowers may be available at harvest time for your order. Flowers are cleaned and prepped for arranging, bunched, and carefully wrapped by variety. This option is sure to have you creating floral arrangements that look straight out of a Dutch Master's painting.

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A premium selection of lush greenery and other elegant botanical elements that will add "the magic" to your arrangements. This option is also fabulous for helping stretch the budget.

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Could you use some extra help planning and executing your flower vision for your event?  Or are you feeling a little overwhelmed or nervous about doing your own event flowers? We can help! This is a pre-scheduled 1 hour meeting over the phone or by Skype to discuss and collaborate on your vision and develop a step-by-step game plan for you to follow. After our meeting, you will receive a detailed guide with a project timeline, supplies list, logistic recommendations, and instructions on special techniques and mechanics specific to your flower bouquets and arrangements. We would love to see and hear about your flower vision! Let us know if you're on Pinterest.

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Please see the map above for our delivery area. If your delivery location is outside of this area, please contact us as additional fees may apply. Unfortunately, we cannot make deliveries more than 25 miles away. If you select the delivery option, we will contact you to make delivery arrangements. Sorry, but we are unable to ship.

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PICK-UP $0  

If you prefer to pick up your flowers at no additional cost, we will be offering pick-up at several farmer's markets in the Western suburbs and in the city of Chicago June through September in 2017. Exact dates and details are still to be determined, but will be posted soon. We will contact you several weeks before your event to confirm pick-up details. Sorry, but we are not able to offer pick-up at the farm at this time.

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How many flowers do I need? 

It all depends on how big you want go and the size of the flowers, but typically the average bridal bouquet has 24 stems, bridesmaids bouquets 18 stems, and table arrangements use anywhere from 10 stems for a mason jar or small vessel to 25 stems for a medium arrangement. With these stem counts in mind, 4 containers of mixed flowers could potentially make 1 bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, and 10 small table arrangements with a few flowers left over for a groom's boutonniere.


How long will it take for me to make my arrangements?

If possible, we suggest doing an inexpensive, small scale "dry run" well in advance of your event. That way, you'll get a feel of how long things will take and practice crafting your flowers. Don't be afraid to tear apart your sample arrangements or of reusing the flowers over and over again for practice. Try redoing them until you master the techniques and look you are going for. This will save you time before your event and will make creating your flower arrangements more enjoyable.

Above all else, remember there is no need to make your flowers arrangements all by your lonely self-enlist the help of family and friends or anyone else that is willing and able. Extra hands for flowers and some good music make fast work of repetitive tasks and for good times!


Am I getting in over my head?

The key to great arrangements is to have a plan and to stay relaxed and have fun. Invest in quality flowers and supplies and familiarize yourself with the mechanics and techniques to make your arrangements in advance of your event. YouTube is an amazing resource for how-to videos on every type of arrangement you can imagine.

If you have an opportunity, take some floral arranging workshops or a class to learn more about flowers, techniques and mechanics, and to pick up helpful pointers. Please check out our workshops to learn more and develop hands-on experience. The more you educate yourself and practice and plan, the more confidence you will have and the easier it becomes.

That said, we should mention that DIY event flowers aren't necessarily for everyone. Some find they don't have the time they thought they would and doing their own flowers becomes an added stress they don't want to deal with. Others become overwhelmed by the scale and difficulty of what they envisioned. Whatever the reason, it's no fun feeling panicked or stressed about your flowers before or even on your wedding or big day. If you're not familiar with flowers and designing with flowers, but you're certain that you need to DIY your arrangements due to budgetary constraints, we suggest scheduling the extra design and instruction consultation option with us when you reserve your flowers. We will help you develop a game plan with step-by-step instructions well in advance of your big day. It is truly money well spent.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider "DIYing" some of your arrangements and working with a florist on the rest or on select pieces. If you are interested in doing only some of your flowers, we offer a la carte pricing on wedding and large event design work as well. Please visit the green wedding flowers portion of the website for more details. 


How do I care for and store my flowers?

It's best to keep flowers in an undisturbed, cool, and dark place like an air conditioned room or basement before your event. Do not store them outside or in a garage and be sure to keep them out of the sun, bright light, and out of warm or windy environments until your event.  Do not keep them in your refrigerator. Foods in home refrigerators emit ethylene gases which quickly degrades the quality of your flowers.

Try to change the water in the containers with room temperature water once daily. When changing the water, always give the stems a fresh cut trim of at least a 1/2 inch. Cut them under running water or put each fresh cut flower immediately into fresh water. Anytime the stems are out of water and exposed to air, they start to lose their ability to absorb water and their old cuts begin to "heal over." A fresh cut will allow the stem to absorb more water and stay healthier and fresher looking. Cut stems at an angle with clean, sharp scissors to increase water absorption. Try to minimize any time the stems spend out of water for the best looking flowers for your big day.

Make sure any lower foliage or flowers that could be resting in water are stripped or removed from the lower stems. Leaving anything but the stem under water will create a breeding ground for bacteria which will dramatically shorten the life of your flowers.

Flower food and preservative are not necessary because our flowers are so fresh, but if you do decide to use them, please be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. 


How far in advance should I have my flowers delivered or pick up?

To ensure the freshest and most beautiful flowers for your special day, we recommend delivery no more than 2 days before your event.


I am picking up my flowers from the Farmer's Market. What do I need to know?

We recommend that you come to the market as early as possible for the freshest flowers. The heat and sun can stress-out cut flowers sometimes. You'll also avoid some of the crowds which makes parking and getting in and of the market much easier.

When you come to pick-up your flowers, we recommend that you bring helpers and a large enclosed vehicle (like an SUV or station wagon) with AC to accommodate taller flowers and to protect them from wind damage and extreme heat. Even though they are quite sturdy, the containers can tip over in transport or bounce around causing the flowers to get smashed or the stems to break. It is best to place the containers on a flat surface in your vehicle with heavy objects around the base to "anchor" them or to fit the container somewhat snugly in a large, tall box that will protect the flowers. We strongly advise against putting the containers in the back of open pick-up trucks and trunks which are much too hot!

Unfortunately, we have a very limited staff available to help with loading flowers on market days and we will be unable to leave our vendor area to assist you with carrying the flowers and loading in your vehicle. We apologize that we can't be more help with this.


What if I'd like to order straight bunches of specific flowers instead of containers with a mix of flowers?

Straight bunches of select and premium flowers are sold by the bunch of 5 or 10 (depending on the flower) and are available for sale at our farmers markets. If you have a large volume order of 1000 stems or more please contact us for pricing and availability. 


Can I visit the farm or harvest my own flowers?

At this time, we are unable to accept visitors at our offsite farm. In the future, we hope to hold open houses and offer a "U-Pick" option. 



No problem! We are here and happy to help with any questions. Please drop us a line at info@bluemoonflowersandbotanicals.com or feel free to reach out to us through our contact page and we'll be in touch ASAP.