Local, Sustainable, Uniquely Beautiful

Blue Moon Flowers & Botanicals offers a carefully curated selection of high quality heirloom and couture flowers, rare blooms, and other exquisite botanical elements.  We specialize in creating uniquely beautiful and environmentally friendly wedding flowers. Our floral styling services are distinctive, elegant, and always nature-inspired. 

We are a local, eco-conscious alternative to the 80% of imported flowers sold in the United States. All of our flowers are sustainably grown just 60 miles West of Chicago on a about 1/2 acre. We produce over 350 different varieties of flowers from May through mid-October. Our flowers can be found at area farmer's markets and may also be enjoyed through our weekly summer flower CSA subscription or reserved in advance for your next event.  


Why Local Flowers?

Often, imported cut flowers are treated with toxic pesticides and fungicides­-some of which are illegal in the United States. These flowers are bred to ship and survive many days out of water and consequently, they have little-to-no scent.

Imported flowers also incur huge transportation, energy, refrigeration, and storage costs, leaving an enormous carbon footprint. These toxic flowers find their way to unaware American consumers who handle and try to inhale a non-existent scent from blooms covered in residual chemicals. 

Our flowers are naturally grown in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality. We only deliver the healthiest and freshest blooms available. Give us a chance, and you’ll find that fresh cut, local flowers last longer and are more fragrant than flowers bred for cheap mass production in factory settings.

The flowers we grow are also uniquely beautiful because you aren’t going to find them just anywhere. Local flower growers have the advantage of being able to offer unusual and rare varieties that do not hold up well to international shipping.

We hope you will consider local and naturally grown sources for all of your flower needs. To learn more about the demand for local and naturally grown flowers, please visit our resources page.